Who we are,
what we do.

Lavender illustration

The passion for herbs goes way back to my childhood in Austria, where we were gathering herbs at family outings to the mountains. After traveling the world, I finally settled in Canada in 1991. We acquired our farm on virgin land, far away from any air pollution and our water is drawn from a deep well fed by crystal clear mountain runoffs. Shortly thereafter we saw a great need to improve herbal quality and that led us from the beginning to split off a portion into a herb research farm by using my background knowledge as a horticulture engineer.

With a deep commitment to sustainability, we started growing organic herbs commercially. Our aim has always been to provide highest grade medicinal, aromatic and nutraceutical botanicals. Botanical Specialties has undertaken important steps towards the conservation of endangered species in the wild by cultivating them on our farm. This has significantly contributed to reduce the overharvesting of vulnerable native plant habitats and to protect their depletion.

Our botanical repertoire includes dried herbs, liquid extracts and purest essential oils. Main cornerstones still remain Arnica, Lavender, Osha, Catnip and miscellaneous native plants from the Pacific Northwest. Botanical Specialties is offering it’s products to both, the wholesale and manufacturing industry as well as directly to the end-consumer. In the near future we will expend our organic product range by tasty fruit juices, fine fruit and berry distillates and non-pasteurised natural vinegars.

Quality means
doing it right when
no one is looking

Henry Ford

canada grown, bc
and certified organic