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Arnica illustration

Arnica montana originates from high altitude in the European Alps. Over the course of two decades Botanical Specialties has developed and streamlined even better varieties than in their natural habitat. This results in a phenomenal strong extracts with the highest effectiveness on the market. The healing and recovery progress will speak for itself. According to the pharmacopeia, our Arnica species is the only one allowed to be used medicinally. It is exclusively for external or topical applications and treats ailments of the soft tissue like muscles, joins, tendons and surrounding areas. This Arnica can not only alleviate pain quickly but also has the ability for reconstruction of tissue and long term healing of affected spots. Our powerful organic alcohol extract from hand-picked flowers penetrates rapidly through the skin into deeper layers. Used after insect stings and bites, it can also provide swift relief. Arnica montana is available as organic liquid extract and premium dried flowers.

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