Quality is in our nature.

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The main commitment of Botanical Specialties is to make high end medicinal and aromatic products available for quality oriented consumers. Some of our certified organic herbs can also be used for culinary enjoyment and we even supply the animal and veterinary industry. Although mainly dried botanicals are being produced, we also offer them as fresh-frozen, pure therapeutic grade essential oils and liquid extract. The most bioactive parts of the plants are always been used, like flowers, leaves, seeds or roots. For the best effectiveness they are always harvested at the time of their highest potency. We pride ourselves to offer some of the finest and best qualities on the market.


It really works.

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Arnica montana originates from high altitude in the European Alps. Over the course of two decades Botanical Specialties has developed and streamlined even better varieties than in their natural habitat. This results in a phenomenal strong extracts with the highest effectiveness on the market. The healing and recovery progress will speak for itself. According to the pharmacopeia, our Arnica species is the only one allowed to be used medicinally. It is exclusively for external or topical applications and treats ailments of the soft tissue like muscles, joins, tendons and surrounding areas. This Arnica can not only alleviate pain quickly but also has the ability for reconstruction of tissue and long term healing of affected spots. Our powerful organic alcohol extract from hand-picked flowers penetrates rapidly through the skin into deeper layers. Used after insect stings and bites, it can also provide swift relief. Arnica montana is available as organic liquid extract and premium dried flowers.


English or French?

Lavender illustration

The climatic growing conditions on our farm are so favorable that we are able to grow both, the French and the English Lavender. They are closely related to each other. The French Lavender has a much higher oil content but if it comes to color, even dried, nothing can beat the deep purple of the English. Both can be used as a medicinal ingredient in traditional herbal medicine and aromatherapy but for culinary purpose as well. Botanical Specialties’ certified organic Lavender is available as a delightful tea blend with Lemon Balm, dried flowers in bulk or sachets and as pure therapeutic grade essential oils. In the category »Various« you will find multiple processed food products where the fine English Lavender has been incorporated in honey, jams or vinegars.


The purrrfect temptation.

Catnip illustration

You may be aware of the erratic behavior response of cats when they small it, for humans catnip has the quite opposite calming effect, similar to Lavender. It can eliminate digestion problems and is also widely used as a organic mosquito repellent. We offer our catnip as dried herbs, irresistible premium buds for your cat, liquid extract or the most potent organic therapeutic grade essential oil on the market.

Lemon Balm

A haze of citrus.

Lemon Balm illustration

This special variety has a particular strong lemon taste and fragrance. Our Lemon Balm is available as a delightful organic tea blend with Lavender.


Sacred and powerful.

Osha illustration

Osha has been one of the most important medicinal herbs of the north American native people. The natural habitat is along the west coast, high up in the mountains. Due to its recent popularity it is being badly over-harvested in the wild and Osha has now become an endangered species. After intensive research Botanical Specialties succeeded in cultivating this plant and is now able to offer it the first time as a certified organic dried root and liquid extract.

Sweet Chamo­mile

Soothing for body and mind.

Chamomile illustration

This particular smooth and sweet variety has been developed without any bitterness. The coronary and medicinal properties still remain in the product which aids the digestion and can relief stomach pain. Sweet Chamomile is particularly pleasing as a bed time or after dinner tea. It is available as organic tea or stunning steal blue therapeutic grade essential oil.

St. John's Wort

An all time favorite.

Chamomile illustration

This ancient medicinal herb is today as important and valuable as it has been for centuries. St. John's Wort is available as liquid extract and therapeutic grade essential oil.


Possible Contract-Cultivation.

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Botanical Specialties offers supply contracts of certain herbs and herbal products where we specifically cultivate crops for you and your desired specs. This feature will insure that you have first grabs and secures quantity and quality. A win-win situation where more and more customers are taping into. Maybe worth consideration for you too? — Below you will find a selection of botanicals we can offer for this kind of cultivation.

Our selection of contract cultures

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