Essential Oils

Full spectrum therapeutic grade.

Essential oils illustration

In fall 2001 we established our organic essential oil distillery. Since then there have been distilled well over 60 full spectrum therapeutic grade oils. Almost all source material is grown on our farm and a few are being wild crafted from high altitude in remote mountain areas. Botanical Specialties is also specialized in rare and unusual essential oils native to the Pacific Northwest. Below you will find a selection of full spectrum essential oils, as well as an analysis about the essential oil composition of Devil's Club, published in 2006.

Our selection of essential oils

Devil's club manuscript

Liquid Extracts

Full spectrum tinctures.

Liquid extracts illustration

Our liquid extracts are manufactured with ethanol alcohol through maceration. Those tinctures contain exclusively organic botanicals grown on our own farm. Below you will find a fine selection of full spectrum highly concentrated extracts.

Our selection of liquid extracts

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